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About Us

Immediate Delivery

Saves time, reduces acquisition costs & bridges lead time delays. Allows projects to be initiated immediately.

Flexible term choices Minimal commitment reduces project risk and reduces pressure on working capital. Preserves project flexibility.

Pay as you use pay only for the time you use the equipment.

Extensive and diverse inventory of products from well-known name/branded equipment manufactures High probability of getting the specific products you need. Cuts short your sourcing timelines. Means that you can use just a single supplier thus reducing time and administrative costs.

Full maintenance included saves time in case of any eventuality, replacement guaranteed. Keeps projects on schedule by limiting downtime. On site customer support for facilities with resident engineer (option).

No technical obsolescence Have state-of-the-art technology needed to run today software applications and to address evolving network and connectivity options.

Back-up support spare infrastructure for instant replacement.

Custom configurations saves time. Ensure that equipment is configured to meet your specific needs. Software loaded as per client requirement. Hardware tested optimized and configured prior to shipping. Appropriate software (operating system) preloaded unless otherwise requested. Reduces downtime, maintains projects on schedule.

24/7 customer & technical support
Minimizes downtime should a problem be encountered. Onsite resident engineer for on the spot maintenance.

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